30" (76.2 cm) Stand-On Aerator (29521)

30" (76.2 cm) Stand-On Aerator (29521)

30" (76.2 cm) Stand-On Aerator (29521)

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The 76.2 cm stand-on model boasts a powerful Kawasaki® V-Twin engine with integrated hydraulics that follow the contours of the ground to pull even plugs over hills and soft ground. It applies up to 544.3 kg of down pressure on the tines to pull up to 12.7 cm cores, and operators can finely tune the hydraulic system to pull any length of plug on the fly. Electronic foot pedal controls also allow the operator to raise and lower the tines instantly for quick zero-turn maneuvers without taking their hands off the controls. In addition, the floating operator platform isolates the operator from vibrations for an exceptionally smooth ride.

Now with Electronic Depth Control to allow you to eassily adjust core depth at a touch of a button



  • Electronic Depth Control
    Electronic depth control allows operators to provide consistent core depth and quality.

  • Adjustable Hydraulic Pressure System
    Adjustable hydraulic pressure system that lets you follow contours of a terrain to pull even plugs over hills and soft ground.

  • Easy-to-use Control
    The easy-to-use control is similar to Toro commercial mowers, so you'll be protective in no time.

  • Electric Tine Engagement Pedal
    The electric tine engagement pedal lets you raise and lower tines instantly to fine-tune plugging depth and make quick zero turn maneuvers.

  • Advanced Aerating Head Assembly
    Its advanced aerating head assembly can apply a massive of down pressure, so you can pull plugs up to 12.7 cm long.

  • Floating Operator Platform
    Floating operator platform makes for a comfortable ride.




Kawasaki® FS481V V-Twin

Aerating Width

76.2 cm

Aerating Depth

Up to 12.7 cm

Fuel Capacity

18.9 litres

Ground Speed

Forward: 11.2 km/h, Reverse: 3.54 km/h


132.1 cm


121.9 cm


162.6 cm


460.4 kg

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